The 'Autumn Harvest' Dinners, on 10/15 in Los Angeles at the Caster House in collaboration with Tara Zinnamon and 10/22 in New York City at Warehouse Studios in collaboration with Ash Rucker, delved into the theme of embracing inner change. Embracing inner change encompasses a shift in what we believe in and how we see ourselves. Through breath work, movement, chanting, a four course plant-based dinner, and conversation, we explored the process of embracing new perspectives and aligning our actions with a deeper understanding of ourselves.

At the first Autumn Harvest Dinner in Los Angeles, Tara guided us through a breathwork session that allowed everyone to open their heart center and connect to their purest selves. After the meditation, Charlie treated us to an autumn harvest, starting with sweet onion and sage bread paired with chive butter, followed by a fig salad featuring pumpkin seed and pistachio pesto. The main course was an autumn harvest plate with rice pilaf and roasted vegetables served with lemon yogurt. Desert was a baked apple topped with oat crumble and creamy cinnamon ice cream. This dinner was our final outdoor experience of the season at the gorgeous Caster House. Every element of this four-course meal was  prepared using seasonal produce, creating a grounding autumn dining experience.

In New York City, Ash began the evening with a transformative breath work and movement session to liberate stored emotions trapped in the body. Throughout the practice, she guided us to meditate on how difficult experiences that lead to inner shifts can actually be powerful tools that lead to wisdom and growth. This session was followed by kirtan chanting for a final release. After the chanting, Magdalena and Charlie prepared everyone a sweet onion and sage bread with chive butter, followed by butter beans with a kale herby sauce. The main course was a warming harvest plate with basmati rice pilaf, roasted squash, green brocolli, and mustard greens prepared with lemon yogurt. During desert, we celebrated the birthdays of Olivia, Ashley, and Mary while enjoying a sticky date cake with butterscotch sauce and pomegranate seeds. All

fresh produce in the dinner was sourced from the lush Fort Greene Farmer’s Market in Brooklyn. 


Below you can find reflection questions that we encourage you to journal as you embrace inner change...

Reflection Questions:

1. How do you define "inner change," and why do you think it's important in our lives?   

2. When was a time you embraced inner change and what did you learn from it?

3. In what ways do you think embracing inner change can positively impact our relationships and interactions with others?

4. How do you envision your life in the future, and how does embracing inner change fit into that vision?