At the LA Dinner Experience with Lihi Benisty, Get Your Skin Out, and Swimply, our discussion on boundlessness was led by Holly of Get Your Skin Out, a wonderful organization dedicated to raising multidimensional visibility for people living with visible skin conditions. To further explore the theme, Lihi led us on a boundless breath work journey and asked us to explore our connection with limitations and what it means to be boundless.

    As the night went on, guests shared their experiences with connecting to their inner child, shifting narratives around living with illness and skin conditions, and creating the necessary conditions to cultivate boundlessness. We then indulged in foods that focused on anti inflammatory ingredients. The menu included onion sage bread with garlic chive butter, delicious vegan caviar made from seaweed by the Truffle Cartel, roasted sweet potato with a pistachio pesto & lemon yogurt, miso roasted cauliflower with creamed spinach & wild rice, an orange pecan truffle.

    At this time, we wanted to share some poems and words that were impactful during the experience.

    “Allow this practice to help you remember what and who you already are instead of continuing to seek what you believe you are not.” - Lihi 

    “Out beyond our ideas of wrong and right,
    There is a field. I'll meet you there."
    - Rumi

    Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

    Below you can find reflection questions that we encourage you to journal as you embrace boundlessness...

    Reflection Questions:  

    1. In what areas of your life do you feel the most constrained, and how might embracing a boundless mindset impact those areas? 

    2. Can you recall a time when you felt truly limitless or unrestricted? What were the circumstances, and how did it affect your perspective on life? 

    3. How do societal expectations and norms contribute to the boundaries we place on ourselves? In what ways can you challenge or transcend these limitations? 

    4. Reflect on a goal or dream that you've considered unattainable. What steps can you take to break free from perceived limitations and pursue it with a boundless mindset?