Boil 2 cups butternut squash until tender (about 15-20 min.)
1 ½ cups of soaked cashews in hot water for 15 min.
Drain and add to food processor
Add butternut squash to food processor
Add ½ cup fresh dill to food processor
1 1/2 tbsps. of salt to food processor
Sauté 1 diced sweet yellow onion and 1 cup chickpea
Add 1 tbsps. coriander seed, 2 tbsps. turmeric, 2 tbsps. cumin seed
Add 1 ½ cup gluten-free flour to large mixing bowl with all the ingredients Make mix into round burger shapes 1 inch thick
Add 1 tbsps. avocado oil, pan on medium high heat
Add burger, flip when crispy
Serve on bed of red lettuce
1 tomato and red onion sliced
Salt to taste