"The 'Breaking Habits' All Women’s Dinner, in collaboration with Soeuraya Wilson, explored the topic of breaking the bad habits that must be discarded before deep transformation can take place. Through breathwork, fresh plant based meals, and discussion, we were able to unravel what it means to truly rid ourselves of the habits which hold us back from stepping into our highest selves.  At the start of the experience, Soeuraya led guests on a breathwork experience that provided everyone with the opportunity to open their heart center. She then led a beautiful movement session that challenged the guests to be comfortable in their intuitive movements, and showed everyone how to leave their minds and instead explore their bodies to truly embody the selves they are becoming.  Following the meditation, Charlie served guests a delicious dish of figs, followed by a delectable ratatouille served on mashed potatoes. The meal concluded with a tantalizing fig desert. All the while, lively, animated discussions amongst guests about spirituality, growth, and self awareness took place.

The evening was filled with authenticity, heartfelt connection, and nourishing foods, leaving everyone feeling invigorated and inspired.

Below you can find reflection questions that we encourage you to journal as you break your bad habits...

Reflection Questions:

    1. What is the embodied path towards becoming the version of my self that practices good habits? 

    2. Am I mindfully making coherent, aligned choices and actions? 

    3. How can I cultivate self-compassion and forgiveness in my journey to overcome this habit? 

    4. In what ways can I channel the energy and time freed up by breaking this habit into more fulfilling activities?