Tea Ceremony & Plant Education


SUNDAY April 21 2024

Los Angeles
5-7 pm


The Füde Community Experience is a space that combines nourishing plant-based food with the sacred practice of nudity and art to create an alchemic celebration of our most pure selves. In this safe and supportive environment, we are able to fully connect with and explore the depths of our being.

Join us for a unique and nourishing evening of meditation and herbal tea in collaboration with Sasha Emoniee, an herbalist & chef. We will connect with our bodies and breath in a deep and intimate way, using nudity as a tool for liberation and self-expression. We will partake in a tea ceremony, designed to awaken the senses and connect with our bodies and release any blockages that may be preventing us from fully embracing our connection to ourselves.

No experience with nudity is necessary. Please bring an open mind and heart, and be prepared to take off your clothes and let go of inhibitions. Let's move, breathe, nourish, and connect together in this safe and empowering space.